Being Uninspired and Discouraged

“Life falls stagnant. In the back of your mind you’ve developed a million plans without a single course to execute one. How do you overcome this?”


My First NA LCS Experience

I’m taking a break from flat earth arguments to write this. The last thing I physically wrote never saw the light of day, mostly because I mulled over some of the things I scribbled out and didn’t want to rehash any redundant points about my love life or lack thereof. What I will rehash, however,… Continue reading My First NA LCS Experience

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The Best Deceptions

Dashboard Confessional performed in LA this past weekend, and I literally wanted to talk about how amazing the show was and how important their music was to me growing up. I wanted to share some photos and videos and giggle like a school girl while I wrote about how I danced with my friend and… Continue reading The Best Deceptions

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Why We Leave the Places We’re Born

I decided when I was in elementary school that I wanted to travel the world. I lived in books and had a deep envy for the protagonists that went on great adventures and experienced lives beyond their imaginations. I was in love with the beauty of the world outside of my own, so much so… Continue reading Why We Leave the Places We’re Born


Day One

I’ve always sucked at picking up things and sticking to them: When I was in elementary school, I played the violin almost religiously. I stopped playing by middle school after smacking my bow on the floor to kill an ant and essentially detached the fibers from the stick. I panicked because I thought I’d be… Continue reading Day One