Day One

I’ve always sucked at picking up things and sticking to them:

  • When I was in elementary school, I played the violin almost religiously. I stopped playing by middle school after smacking my bow on the floor to kill an ant and essentially detached the fibers from the stick. I panicked because I thought I’d be in trouble.
  • In part of my elementary and middle school years, I created a comic series entitled “The Jewel Cruisers.” My drawings sucked at first but consistently got better as time passed. My story telling improved and there was at least one person in my class who consistently asked to read each issue (maybe he made fun of them – I didn’t know nor did I care). I dreamed of going to school for animation. Somewhere along the road I stopped without warning.
  • I balanced a lot of different things in high school, but in my last couple of years. I picked up photography and fell in love. I loved film photography – I loved learning about lighting, editing, and film processing. I even was accepted into at least one art school but I didn’t feel confident enough in my ability and settled for entering into university as an undecided major.

My personality type is ENFP so I have a tendency to have spurs of brilliant ideas but often lack the followthrough to execute them.

This blog has been on the back burner for many years and has appeared in many different forms ranging from an angsty, emotional teenage girl with a Livejournal account to a lost young adult being in love for the first time and attempting to figure out her place in the world.

Today, I haven’t quite found my place – though I’ve certainly changed a bit. I picked up my entire life and moved cross country (Michigan -> California) away from loved ones and friends. I’ve discovered new passions and am looking to rekindle some old ones. I wanted to start this blog as a means to show my life as a chick from Michigan living in a new space and how I survive. Now, however, I want this to become a blog to inspire anyone feeling lost in the world – looking to rekindle their passion for life.


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