Being Uninspired and Discouraged

“Life falls stagnant. In the back of your mind you’ve developed a million plans without a single course to execute one. How do you overcome this?”

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The Best Deceptions

Dashboard Confessional performed in LA this past weekend, and I literally wanted to talk about how amazing the show was and how important their music was to me growing up. I wanted to share some photos and videos and giggle like a school girl while I wrote about how I danced with my friend and… Continue reading The Best Deceptions

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Why We Leave the Places We’re Born

I decided when I was in elementary school that I wanted to travel the world. I lived in books and had a deep envy for the protagonists that went on great adventures and experienced lives beyond their imaginations. I was in love with the beauty of the world outside of my own, so much so… Continue reading Why We Leave the Places We’re Born